In June 2021, our family attended the annual Northeast High School (NEHS) National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony on behalf of our Foundation, the Alisha C. Levin Memorial Fund.  This year's ceremony was in person, the first ceremony held outside on the field where we hold our annual run! 


Each September, we host our annual Alisha C. Levin Run to Remember.  It brings family and friends together all for a good cause - to raise money for scholarships and programs at NEHS.  It is an event that we have dedicated to preserving Alisha's memory and give back to the school that we love so dearly. From those donations, we award 5 or more scholarships to outstanding members of the senior NHS class at their year-end ceremony. Each of those students show exemplary leadership, academics and dedication to the community, all in Alisha's name. It makes us feel hopeful for the future.


Unfortunately, last year's run was placed on hold but the needs of the students are still as great as they have always been. This year has not been easy.  In fact, it’s been incredibly challenging on so many levels.  We are currently living in unprecedented times, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.  Despite the challenges of remote learning, which have been tremendous both academically and emotionally, our 8 award winners have risen to an exceptional level of accomplishment. As we look back on this past year and realize how hard it was to persevere, we hope everyone remembers the hard work, focus and drive that got these students through the toughest of times. 

The award recipients of the 2020 Alisha C. Levin Memorial Fund are David Brown, Grace Brown, Samuel Brown, Nhi Cao, Hager Kotb, Jennifer Le, Melissa Mezieche, and Minh Nguyen. We congratulate them all on their outstanding accomplishments and wish them the best in their future endeavors 

Alisha Levin Scholarship 1
Alisha Levin Scholarship 2
Alisha Levin Scholarship 3