Scholarship Funds

Donations made to the Alisha C. Levin Memorial Fund are used to fund scholarships and other financial support for Alisha's two Alma Maters: Northeast High School and Hofstra University. The following programs/scholarships are being funded in 2019/2020:

Northeast High School - Philadelphia, PA

The Alisha C. Levin Memorial Fund provides 5 scholarships to National Honor Society seniors who are continuing their education. These scholarships help pay for books, materials, and laptops as well as dorm supplies, which are not covered by traditional financial aid. This year we were able to double the scholarship amounts due to very generous donations! 

Alisha's love of art inspired us to revitalize the Art Program at NEHS and fund a new Graphics Arts/AV Design program. This new program puts students in touch with the latest technologies and allows NEHS to keep classes fully functioning and their students fully engaged. Additionally, this program will be used to create bulletins, year books and many other distributions that are professional looking and current! 

Finally, we continue to support the Alisha C. Levin Science Lab by supplying the lab with Wireless Motion and Acceleration Sensors, hand operated vacuum pumps, micro-scale bell jars, and an acid and corrosive cabinet.

Hofstra University Scholarship - Hempstead, NY

Alisha Levin/World Trade Center Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Ms. Alisha C. Levin, Class of 1990, was the Human Resources Director for Fuji Bank. She participated in many extracurricular activities while a Hofstra student and was a sister of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. Following her graduation from Hofstra, she earned her Master's Degree from Teachers College at Columbia University. The Alisha C. Levin/World Trade Center Memorial Endowed Scholarship is awarded to a full-time, undergraduate female student(s) who has earned a minimum of 24 credits, completed in residence at Hofstra University. Recipient must have a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA, and show an interest, ability or appreciation for the arts. Preference given to a qualified member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.